Hike: From Iseltwald to the Senggflue viewpoint


It takes 45 minutes to reach the beautiful Senggflue viewpoint. You start at Chalet Du Lac and follow the road towards the Iseltwald boat station. There you take the path to the left, after approx. 100 meters there is a fork with a signpost in the direction of Senggflue. We continue along the lake and cross a small bridge, the Mülibach. The path leads us further along the lake, past beautiful chalets to a rock face and the so-called lost bridge. It leads us across the lake to a small, idyllic hiking trail that continues along the shores of Lake Brienz. The path soon leads you across a beautiful meadow by a small stream. Individual old chalets can be seen from the hill by the lake. The stream is particularly inviting in summer, where it is pleasantly cool and a gentle, constant breeze blows from the Fure over the Sengg towards Iseltwald. The path continues along the stream, uphill to Sengg. Soon we catch sight of an old stately home - the former Hotel Schweizerhof. Nothing remains of its former splendor. Today the building is used for residential purposes.


Below the former Hotel Schweizerhof, the path ends at the road to the Sengg - we follow this around the Schweizerhof to the Senggflue signpost. This leads past old chalets to the rocky outcrop high above Lake Brienz. There is a well-equipped barbecue area. The place promises a wonderful view of Iseltwald and Lake Brienz.